Our Story

Our Story

The History Behind
Our Non Profit

Elevate Missions was founded in 2011 by Michael and Dana Bryant. Their vision was birthed out of their own stories of pain and suffering. Through their personal journey of transformation, Michael and Dana had a heart to share what they had learned to those seeking to change their lives. For over a decade, Elevate housed up to 100 residents with children in their residential Life Transformation Programs in California. The nonprofit was solely funded by their social enterprise, which included 6 retail locations, a moving and storage company and several other operations.

Michael Bryant always had a dream to support an orphanage in Kenya. The vision was to give those we served in the US a new perspective by serving on a mission abroad. In 2018, Michael flew to Kenya and through a series of miraculous events, Elevate took over full operations and funding of a home in Nairobi, housing up to 300 orphaned children.

In 2019, Elevate Farms was founded, 25 acres in Narok, Kenya. The farms grow food for children, providing job training and career opportunities to graduates. Today, these children in Kenya are our family and the Bryant’s have been hosting life changing mission trips for teams to Kenya since 2018.

When Covid hit and California began to drastically change, the Bryant’s decided to move the nonprofit to Florida.

Elevate Missions assisted their Life Transformation Graduates in California to start their own nonprofit to continue the work of serving those seeking to change their lives. The mission goes on and the baton has been passed.

The welcome change to Florida allowed the Bryant’s to go back to their first love… showing children that have been abandoned and the fatherless a life filled with vision and hope, creating new opportunities for a brighter future.

Serving changes lives and the ripple effect of that change impacts the families and the communities of those that serve. Michael and Dana Bryant have a passion to share the joy of living a meaningful life with others and to create experiences that take people out of their comfort zones and into a life of expansion and growth.

Life is an adventure.

Join us and live on mission.